The sand I walked on, is back in my shoes… -2

“Kati.. I want to watch a movie.. shall we go for LCMD?” I asked Kati who was sitting on the front bench ,we were in Java lecture.
I usually sat with sweetoo and kati. We 3 sat on a bench but today vidya was kati had to shift to her bench.
“Niviiiiiiiiiii.. we have LLaaaabbbb internals today afternoon” She whispered.
“I know.. but I am in no mood to attend it” I said.
Sweetoo who was sitting next to me asked me to sit quite as sir was noticing us,but then who cares?? We continued..
“Well.. I am also not in mood..” Kati said.
“hey you have good marks in Lab IA..rite??” sweetoo asked me.
“Not exactly… I have scored 20 in last IA” I said.
“Hmm. We have 3rd IA also we can actually bunk the labs..” sweetoo said.
“Are you people crazy??” Kati asked turning back to us.
Sir caught us. He asked us to keep quite. We decided we ll speak after the class. We were waiting for the class to end. I was atleast so restless when there were some 5-10 minutes for the class to get over.

“Ok.. so we going for the movie rite???” I asked after the class.
“well.. ok then.. lets go..” Kati agreed.
“Good.. but which one??” Sweetoo wanted to know the movie.
“Hmmm… how abt LCMD??” I said.
“LCMD??? Laga chunari mein daag??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You mad???? Its bbbbaaaaadddd movie” Sweetoo said.
“arey no.. its not all that bad.. you know that CS frnd of mine..” I had not even completed the sentence but sweetoo interrupted
“Who???? That Pandu?? Did he tell you that the movie is good?? If so then we NOT going for that movie okay.. I have told you now only..”
“Arrey yaar.. he said that the movie is watchable..” I said.
“Noways.. I am not going to trust him ok..” Sweetoo said.
“Please re Sweetoo… lets go no…. “ I tried to make her say yes..
“Wel.. theres no other movie released.. so we ll have to go to that movie only” Kati said.
“If that movie happens to be a torture.. I wont leave you see nivi..” Sweetoo said with anger.
“Ok baba.. shall we go?? Are we not getting late for the movie??” I asked.
“haan.. but ruko… we gotta call paggu n civil madam also no…” Sweetoo said.
“ya.. but they are in class.. “ Kati said.
We 3 girls were in IS dept and other 2 in different depts. So our break timings were different. I said to kati n sweetoo,
“I ll get paggu out of the class.. u get Shrado(civil madam)..”
“But how??” Kati asked…
“hmm.. say some lie ya.. ” I said and I went towords paggu’s dept.
Her class door was closed, I took all the courage and went to knock, I told to myself “1, 2, 3.. go..” uff!!! I couldn’t.. I came back..
I now collected all my courage+my frnz courage and counted..”1, 2.. 3.. Go!!!!”
I had knocked. Their sir opened the door, I made my face as if it was some serious matter.. I asked (with respect) “Excuse me sir, can you send Pragati for a minute??”
He asked, “what happened??”
“Sir.. for personal reasons..” I said and laughed to myself. I looked at paggu.. she looked so tensed when I said ‘personal reasons’ he he he..
He sent paggu out,
She asked me, “Nivi.. what happened?? What personal reason??” she really was tensed, she was getting all bad thoughts in her mind
“Arrey.. don’t worry.. nothing serious.. we were planning to go for Laga Chunari mein daag.. coming??” I replied..
“Whattttttttttt????????????? Pagal hai kya???????? U have ur lab i.a rite??” she thought I was crazy(ofcourse I was!!!!)
“Don’t worry about our IA.. Sweetoo and Kati are also coming, chal take ur bag n leave the class…” I hurried as we had very less time and we had to buy tickets also.
“Arrey my class is going on.. and that too Laga Chunari mein daag movie??” She was confused.
“Ya.. LCMD.. Come.. fast.. tell me seriously..are you interested in what he is teaching??? We are bunking our IA only.. for u its just a class.. chaloooooo” I said..
“Ok.. I am coming.. but what shall I tell sir??” she asked..
“Hmmmm.. Personal Reasons!!!!!!!” we both laughed!!!
She went and took her bag and came.. she said she had to leave urgently and the reason she gave was ‘Personal Reasons’(he he he rofl)
Kati, Sweetoo and Shrado(Civil Madam) were already in the car.
Me n Paggu joined and the car flew…
Don’t ask me how was the movie as it was one of the Baaadddddddddd movies I had seen.. but off course with friends it was one of my very good days..
And next day we had to stand infront of HOD for half n hour and get the ‘maha-prasad’(scoldings) for bunking the IA.. hmmmm…


To my Friends,
Well… you all know how I behave when I feel very senti.. so imagine me like that.. with that senti face and telling you all.. Miss you all.. L
I really do…
Take care

P.S :
The Sand I walked on... is back in my shoes-1