The reverie..

“Are you for real??” She asked him.

“Yess.... I am for real.. but why did you ask??” He asked her looking into her eyes, he had loved them always.. he loved the way they looked at him, questioned him, admired him, cared for him, at times spoke soooo much… and at sometimes the way they were so silent.. the way there was some mystery hidden in them, the way they blinked, shared feelings.. well he adored them.. they were beautiful..brown.. honey brown in color. He could see his own reflection in them .. everytime.. they were beautiful.. just the way she was!!

“Because.. Because you are so.. soo… so perfect!!” she thought of the days they spent together. Days that became months, and months.. years.. they were together, loving each other more and more every passing day. But now, they had to leave. she some how felt that those days were not true, all the happy times were just her dreams.. Because they were just like her dreams..beautiful!! she would many times fear to wake up and find that she is alone.. But all the wonderful days were true, the happy times were true.

He held her in his arms, close to his heart and said,”No.. I am not perfect.. not atleast without you..”
She wanted the time to stop,she wanted to be in his arms, she wanted him to speak to her, to listen, to be silent, to keep looking at her,she wanted him for ever and ever.

She felt secured in his arms.She noticed it for the first time, he was very tall to her… she could hardly reach his shoulders. they looked beautiful together.

He whispered,”Hey, honey.. Don’t worry.. I ll be there.. You ll never loose me..” He had understood her fears.She was lost in his perfume, She wanted to remember it for the rest of her life.She dropped a tear,it wet his chest and his heart.

“I am scared.. I have this feeling.. I feel as if this is going to be our last meeting.. I ll go crazy.. God!! What will I do without you??”She said and tightened her hug. She wanted to be locked in his arms like that forever..

He tightened his arms around her till he could not tighten more.He kissed her forehead.He held her close again.He had said everything she wanted to hear. She kissed his heart..she loved his aroma, she many times wanted to wear his skin, crawl into his veins and feel his soul.. she loved the feeling of his touch, the warmth of his when he held her hand, the pace of his breathing.. she loved him.

She was still in his arms, she asked “Will you remember me??”

He released her, gave her a smile, winked and said”Wanna bet??”

She narrowed her eyes and said,”That means you wanna forget me.. huh??”

He put his arms around her shoulder and said..” No.. I was kidding.. and in the first place.. we are going to be together for the rest of our lives.. we will have our own home, our children, grand children.. we will love each other more and more.. people will give examples of our love..”

She hugged him again,pulled him close.. very close..”But I am feeling.. I am getting this weird feeling.. I don’t want to live without you..”She kissed him,she kissed him again.. she wanted to kiss him till the end. She wanted to remember that day,she wanted to remember the color of his shirt, color of his skin,the color of the wall, the wood of the table, the design of the window screen,the music,the flowers,the gifts,the kisses, the hugs, tears, smiles,the sigh in his breathe,the warmth of his presence.. everything.. every damn thing..

And then.. It was time.. time to leave..He had to leave..
He left. He didn’t take his eyes off her.He wanted to fill all his life with her.. he wanted her to know that he loved her,he cared for her,he wanted her to complete him and he wanted to complete her,he wanted her to know that he ll be there for her everytime she needed,he would stand by her, by her dreams, by her ambitions.. He loved her, he would love her forever.

He said,”I love you.. I ll love you forever”
She hugged him..this time with all her strength and as though they would never meet again.. she said,”Don’t forget me..”
He left.

She stood there,She wanted sometime to realize that he was gone.. she wanted to feel his aroma, his touch.. She felt empty,She felt blank,She felt void,scared,alone.. She stood there looking all over the walls where his shadow once fell looking down the floor where he had walked.. she wanted to block the wind in the room,she wanted to keep his breathe with her forever..
She stood there looking at him leave..

“tere bina jiya jaaye na..
tere bina jiya jaaye na
bin tere tere bin saajana
saans mein saans aaye na
tere bina…”


Pragati said...

Where is the disclaimer??

harsha bhat said...

doesn look like a reverie!!!
nice writing...keep it up!!!

Niveditha said...

ya... Its here..
Disclaimer: All the objects,characters,places,incidents in this post are purely fictious.Any resemblance of the chatacters or places to the living or dead is purely accidential.
howz that??

Thanks.. y is it not a reverie?

Kedar said...

well !! I can feel the thoughts/emotions running into ur mind when writing it.
Touching one..

RAJEEV said...

Hadd hain are going to give danielle steel a stiff competition....

Niveditha said...

Well I ll take that as a cpmplement.. thanks..

Anonymous said...

Genial fill someone in on and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you seeking your information.

ammud said...

This is bad. Not going to be a hit movie.

I likes happies endings :).

So cutely narrated the dream. An ideal artical for your title blog.