94.3....Radio Oneeee

Travelling has become part of my life, I mean most of all of our lives..isnt it? Every morning I wake up, get ready and zoooommm.... I travel !! Travelling by Vovlo is very comfortable (If I get a place to sit) compared to any other bus. The 1st time I traveled by volvo, I was impressed by the Radio they play. Since then, I have become a radio fan!!! Particularly 94.3 RadioOneeeeeeeeeee.. he he he.. as I am writing it, I hear them sing, 94.3 RadioOneeeeeeee... :)

Now, Listening to Prithvi is a treat. His sense of humor is really great. It makes me laugh in the bus.. the way sometimes he comes up with kannada meaning to hindi/english words.. he he he.. cant stop laughing. And sometimes when he flirts with girls... ooooo...

And about Anjaan.. he is a sweetheart. He becomes so cute when he tries to speak in Hindi, he he he. He sometimes imposes a humor in such a simple thing, its really admirable.

The ear plugs are right in my ears till Prithvi and Anjaan are on air. Sometimes I change the station if I get irritated by the adds. Ahhhh!!! btw those adds have also become our topic of talk. We friends who listen to radio regularly keep commenting on the adds, or we mock them up, they invariably become part of our humor. There are times when others who wont listen to radio, can not understand our jokes. He he he!!!
I so many times get disappointed when someone comes for a code review, or with a doubt, or my manager calls up a meeting.. say anything that separates me from listening to Radio.
Listening to them has become like a religion to me.

Well, you wont believe, I have sent SMSs giving answers to the questions they ask. I desperately want them to pick me up, but that never has happened till date. I feel so sad :(
I have a secret wish, I want to go on Radio once!!
When Prithvi calls up someone for 'Birthday Bakra' , or to fool someone, I secretly wish that my friends should give him my reference.Or, he should pick me up as a winner of that 'play your music day'. Or, I should be put up on air to ask what happened in my life in last 24 hours(not that something bigggg can happen, but just!!!)

Hmmm... Dreams, Dreams... so many times I send the reply to the contests, not once they pick me up or even mention my name :(

Anyways, Its been like almost 3 years I am in Bangalore, and listening to Radio, but never ever felt like seeing them!!! True!! I never wanted to know how Prithvi or anjaan looked like. Never wanted to give a face to my imagination. I loved them for their voice, talks, humor, sensitivity, timeliness.
I was never curious about their looks.

Today my colleague asked me to check out Prithvis photo. I had almost forgotten about it. But then, I remembered it when i put on the earplugs.I had typed "Mj prithvi". I waited for few seconds.. I somehow didnt want to know how he looked. I didnt know if his looks would affect anything.. I didnt want to take a chance. I closed google and started working.

I don't want to know how he looks. I don't even want to meet him. I just want to hear him. I just want to talk to him.Well. Strange Me.. Isnt it???
94.3 radiooneeee..... anjaan on air... byeeeee....


Spicy Sweet said...

I listen to Pritvi too. But, I don't have loyalty like you. :)
I like Shraddha. She is spontaneous.

There was a time when Radio City was the only FM station. The quality of RJ's they produced were just the best.
No RJ has that quality according to me because, I have seen the better ones.

Nice post. Made me smile.

Badarinath Palavalli said...

Nice Post Madam,

The FM Radio stations are now the part of metro life. Its a timely article.

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šēţħũ said...

Hey..!!Nice Writing..!! Really Fresh..!!

L. Premashekhara said...

Nice one...

Rj Prithvi V said...

Strangely enough...this landed on my inbox after 7 years... My love to you..'Dream bix'