Somebody wake me up...

Somebody wake me up
I m struck up here, in a nightmare.

Am I alive or dead?
I cant hear a word you said,
The heaven or Hell? Where am I?
I see no red mud nor the blue sky,
Who are you?
My friend or a foe?
Tell me the truth,
I want to know.

I remember nothing my past
I m blocked between the four wall
I try to cry, to scream ‘n shout
But I cant, not even a bit at all..

I m sinking down
down into the deep dark.
No air to breath
No lights not even a small spark.

I want to return to my day...
Somebody wake me up
I m struck up here, in a nightmare.


Parry said...

the nice post.. Some questions.. Its unclear whether the writer is struck alone or in a strangers palce. Second para & 3rd para makes its ambiguous.

deere excavator said...

wow, very special, i like it.

Niveditha said...

@ purushottam

thanks. well even the poet is not clear ;-) so only I ask "where am I? " and the paras are like the sequences in nightmare.. once the poet is somewhere at unknown place and then he feels he is caged in cell.. like that. hope i answered ur quest.. and more over its all how you take it.

sajish said...

Good one..

Guess nive is in search of her

It’s true that everyone lose themselves and searches for them deep inside. Good if they could find them soon.


Niveditha said...

@ sajish

true.. we all loose ourself at some point of time. all we need to do is "wake up":) thanks for ur comments.

Anonymous said...

m not an authority to comment on ur m avoiding it... awesome poems..and ...hmmm...hogli bidu innu yavagladru mail madti...
and yes...Awesome poem
-harsha bhat
(login appale anonymous hakta iddi...Adjust panninga)

Niveditha said...

@ harsha

1st thing.. adjust ಮಾಡಿಕ್ಯತ್ತಿ ಹೇಳಲೆ adjust pannaniganu ಅಂತಾ ಹೇಳತ್ವ? :-O anyways.. thanks.. i m glad u liked them.

Sheshachal said...

Wake up niv
wake up.......

wonderful world out here.....
u dont remember?.....
u flyed here with the birds of dream,
u sailed in the boat of hopes,
ur heart bounced wid full of joy here,
u were the angel for someone s heart,
its time to get back.

i am breaking the walls,
m sparking the lamp,
m pushing the air,
hold my hands ,
come out now,
U should come out,
U will be back to your day.

Niveditha said...


huff!! thanks :)

Jagali bhaagavata said...

I guess u need a good alarm clock:-)

Jack Nicolson said...

This is one of the best poems I ve ever read.