A City, A Friend and Me - Part 1


This post is very very obvious.. Its has nothing fantacy in it, no Love, no romance, no rona-dhona.. No bollywood.. Nothing..

Now you will ask me.. why have I posted it?? Right?? I know.. Ok.. to answer your question..I will have to say "For No reason". You wont believe me right?? Well.. ya.. there is a reason.. My friend has come to my city.. yessssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is in MY CITY!!! She got transfered here and she is IN MY CITY!!!!!!! God!!!! I m soooooooooooooo haaaaapppppppppppyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! I m so happy.. ok.. relax nivi... ya. I am fine..

You know.. they say right.. If you want to Love a city.. start loving the people there??? Now.. I have a reason to love this city more(This means I was already in love with the city)

Everytime I would shop.. I would miss her so much.. we exactly knew each other's choices.. The shop keeper would be showing some dress.. one of us would immediately say. NO to it as we knew each other's choices.. I dont have to worry about my week-end plans now.. I have got my friend, who inspite of hating to watch an idiotic movie like 'pyar Impossible' would come with me just to give me company.. a friend to whom i dont have to say a word.. she would understand all by herself.. god!! I m happy..

Well.. Thanks to her company which gave her a transfer!!!

Finally... Paggu... Wel-come, Welcome to MY CITY.. soon which is going to be YOUR CITY.. and OUR CITY finally!!! Wow.. I cant believe You are here.. WelCome.!!!


Pragati said...

OMG u r crazeeeeeeeeeeeee... i cant believe you hav written a post for ME!!
Thanks sweetie..
Hope i have gr8 stay here.. N i know it wil b coz My Best friends here..
Thnx again.. :)

ದಿನಕರ ಮೊಗೇರ.. said...

nice..... i thought it is a imaginary writting....... bcz nobody will be happy as you are, for a friend.... after reading PRAGATI comment i changed my thinking...... be friends always...... enjoy your life.....

Jagali bhaagavata said...

Enjoy maadi. Which city r u in now?

Sheshachal said...

thats good nivi.....m happy for you....you will get a good company from now on then....by the way....welcome to Banglore Pragati......:)