Beep, Beep

Me: "Uff!! Just finished packing.. all alone.. feels so wow!!"
She: "grt.. bt alone feels wow??"
Me: "Ys!! Feels so independent, so.. confident.."
She: "Hmm.. after a long time my roommate is here.. feels good to have someone around"
Me: "Hmm.. feels good only if u have someone worth having.."
She:" Nivi.. Its ok.. dont think so much.."
Me: "Hmmm.."
She: "I think u r becoming too independent.. so much that u feel nobody is worth having around" Me : "Ahh!! what ever.. I m enjoying myself"
She: " Nivi.. U cant be alone all ur life.."
Me: "Does it matter??"
She: "Yes it does.."
Me: "whatever.. y do u want to speak abt it now?? I m tired.. Just finished packing..
I even gotta shift my room.. I dont even have a boyfriend who is gonna help me out.. "
She: "Hmmm.. K.."
Me: "So you coming on 17,18th to blore??"
She: "Wel.. I want to come. But i dono if i can.. u know i have this project.."
Me: "Ya.. I know.. I ll call kati,shrado, juhi,manik also.. I just want all of us
to meet again.."
She: "Ya.. but dont keep high expectations nivi.. if I cant.. "
Me: "I ll understand..I m used to disappointments..he he he.. kidding.."
She: "wats so kidding abt it??!! :\"
Me: "Ok baba, U plz.. try to come.."
She: "ya.. i will.. anyways.. if I cant.. Paggu is with u.."
Me: "Ya.. I she is.."
She: "Hmmm.. Nivi.. dont become so much independent yaa.. i m scared for u.."
Me: "Arey.. nothing like that.. i m fine.. ABSOLUTELY FINE!!"
She: "Hmmm.. So when u shifting to ur new PG?"
Me: "Its just 12:30.. will have food, take a nap, freshen up n then leave by 4 or 5"
She:"Oh... PG mein aakhri baar khana"
Me: "Ya.. now.. msgs cost me!!"
She: "Thats ok.. U dont even have a boyfrn to chat or call.. ;) "
Me: "Mere akelepan ka fhayda utha rahi ho tum.. ;) "
She: "He he he.."
Me: "K then.. Make sure u have ur tickets for 17,18th.. bye"
She:"Will try my best.. n ya.. happy shifting n all the best for the new one!! Bye"
Me: "Thx.. Bye.."


apeksha said...

nice conversation...iske baad kya hua wo bhi bata de..naye roomies kaise lage???

divya said...

So the independent girl, howz ur new room? How abt new roomies?? Waiting for the next conversation.. :) he he he

namrata said...

nivi, hum sabne tumhe lugguage shift karne mein boyfren ki kami mehsoos nahin hone di...ha ha :)

ದಿನಕರ ಮೊಗೇರ.. said...

nice text msg..... have nice new pg life...

Niveditha said...

Thank u.. naye roomies toh accha lage..

Thank u.. in next conversation may be i ll gossip abt my new roomies.. he he he :P kidding.. dont u worry at all..

Ya.. U ppl helped a lot.. thanks a ton!! but bf was not req for this anyways..

Thank you..

Sandeepa Nadahalli said...

What a beeping blog post!

Sheshachal said...

beep beep:
why miss "she" is so stressing on you not having boyfriend here ....he he.....

Snehal said...

hey.. even i'm waiting to hear the next part.. u'r still to post it!!!