Dream Box

Well.. looks like i have got starting problem. Anyways.. This is my DREAM BOX. I keep my dreams here, warm inside my heart. protecting it from the cold pain, 'coz I love my dreams..love them more than anything under the sun.
Once I was out with my friend for a walk. As usual we started fighting.. at the end he told me, " Nivi, U know wats ur problem?? U think n Dream a lot".
I was too angry n egoistic to accept it then.. but wen i came back to my room.. I realised.. he was rite.
off course I dream alot n think more than that!! But tell me one thing.. wats life without dreams? Without something to chase every day??
So i Put all my beautiful and precious dreams, thoughts and watever here.. to MY DREAM BOX so that they wont get lost in this practical n materialistic REAL WORLD.
Come peep into my DREAM BOX if it interests you...
Well Come to My DREAM BOX.


Sheshachal said...

Yes Niv its always exciting to dream.... m happy that u r putting your dreams here..... i end up my comment with a point of arguement as i always do with this nivedita....Remeber onething that all dreams may not come true....but dont fail in keeping the point that u underwent with such an excitement of dreaming it, rather than it coming true........and that should always turn u on......all the best niv....carry on with ur post....atleast i keep on commenting...bye

ammud said...

There is always a starting problem for every beginner. This blog gives fule to dream. Your dream is taken off from the grond. Dont let this dream land again.