My mind

Probably i have changed..
Thats wat making me feel u have changed...
I feel like sharing the space the same way i had, a few years ago...
I feel lik hiding deep down into time again, wer u could just here me..
in all silence around...
I feel lik laughing with you, the same smile u got them on my lips those days...
I feel lik dreaming those dreams..
today the ones r true..
I feel lik crying with screams again
for wat I lost n for al that i gained...
I feel lik walking with u, lik the first time I walked
on the same roads n the same shops..
with a rose in hand n so much to talk..
I Feel to open up my wings, as if the first time I fly,
Little worried, little excited, little scared with wide opened eye.
I wish I cud move lik the wind,
No stop, no start not a beginning with no end…
To search for something,
probably a target?
A milestone? A path ? the success?
Or possibly just wander n do nothing.
I want no memories to live but all of them to make again
U n me.. The same u n me..
But in different today, different tomorrow...
n in different time..

1 comment:

ammud said...

I don knw y ths pst haz o cmmnts. i guz the poem is so nice it demanded a zero spellin mistak and u wrot lik how i am givin comment ;~)
But hats off to the thought process of penning down it on to the blog.
Thank you very much niveditha